Cooking Tool Thursday: Spatulas

Wilton spatulaI LOVE my spatulas.  I use them almost everyday, whether I’m scrambling eggs, baking a cake, or scraping the last scoop from the peanut butter jar.  Silicone spatulas are a definite must-have kitchen tool.  And, having worked at a cooking store and in a commercial kitchen, I’ve tried many different brands, shapes and sizes.  Ultimately, these 2 spatulas (see above) are my favorite and will always hold a special place in my heart and utensil canister.

THIS Wilton Silicon Spatula is the BEST.  I absolutely love it because it’s super sturdy yet flexible and even more so, because it’s all one piece (as opposed to those that have a wooden or metal handle and silicone head attached, which tend to accumulate gunk in their hard-to-reach places and eventually fall apart).  It helps scrape a bowl like a champ and folds batter like nobody’s business.  Also, it’s heat safe up 400 degrees so it’s ideal for scrambling eggs, mixing a sauce or sautéing anything in a non-stick skillet.  You need one.  Get it on Amazon HERE.

Sometimes, a standard size spatula just won’t do.  That’s where my second favorite, THIS Tovolo Scoop and Spread spatula comes in.  It is made of nylon and is not necessarily useful for cooking hot foods BUT it’s exceptionally useful for scraping sides of small spaces like the inside of my Nutribullet and/or an almost-empty jar, or to mix color into or spread a small batch of frosting.  Plus, one side is flexible (for scooping) and one side is more rigid (for spreading) so it’s multi-purposeful (is that even a word?.?) and can be used for 2 different things at the same time.  You also need this one.  You can get it on Amazon HERE.


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