Cooking Tool Thursday: Silicon baking mats

Silicon Baking Mats
If you’ve done any sort of cookie or sheet pan baking, you know how much of a pain (and costly) parchment paper can be.  Unless you pay a premium for the perfect cookie-sheet-size parchment, it often take a lot of measuring and folding and refolding and wasting to fit a piece of parchment perfectly on your cookie sheet.  I’ll be honest, I do prefer parchment to foil for easy clean-up,  but nothing beats a silicon baking mat (I own 3).

Here’s why:

  • They’re environmentally friendly and cost effective because they can be used (over and over) in place of parchment, wax paper, and tin foil.
  • They fit perfectly into a standard 13×18″ half-sheet pan so no more wrestling with odd shaped parchment or foil.  And they roll up nicely for easy storage.
  • They can be use for for baking, roasting and freezing, withstanding temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees F.
  • They are easy to clean. (I find it easiest to clean them while still on the sheet pan.)
  • They are made of FDA and LFGB approved materials and they are free of BPA and PFOA.

I have THIS set of 2 by Artisan and 1 original Silpat, both available on Amazon.  I’ve dedicated one of them to savory cooking like roasting veggies or making Pizza Pockets and the other 2 to sweets.  They are amazing and cookies especially, cook more evenly and uniformly.  Seeeeeee:

Dorie's Biarritz Cookies

Side note: Concerned about the safety of food grade silicon?  Like many things science, there isn’t a TON of definitive research. BUT as of now, it’s been proven safe. For more info, check out THIS article from Scientific American discussing the safety of silicon in cooking.

Ready to buy? Click HERE for the Artisan set of 2.  Click HERE for the original Silpat.

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