Wild Card Wednesday: How much caffeine is in that?

Caffiene content in foodsI love coffee.  In fact, I’m sipping on an iced coffee AS. WE. SPEAK.  If I could, I’d bathe in coffee or spray myself with coffee bean perfume.  But, depending on how much I’ve slept, eaten, hydrated, etc., too much caffeine can make my heart race and give me the shakes or give me the perfect amount of perk. That’s why I like to know how much I’m consuming.

We all know caffeine isn’t just in coffee.  It’s in soda, tea and energy drinks.  But that’s not where the caffeine train stops.  These days, you can get caffeine infused gum, beef jerky, candy and more.  And, the amount of caffeine in said products vary drastically so it’s important to know how much is in each product (especially if you have a sensitivity or are feeding caffeinated products to children).

Lucky for us, my trusted former employer, Center for Science in the Public Interest, published THIS chart.  I’ve done this type of research for them before so I trust them and know these charts are LEGIT.

They also published a great article on the effects of caffeine on the body.  If you missed the link in the (chart) article, you can click HERE.


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