Supermarket Saturday: Oil (Only) Spray

Olive Oil SprayCooking spray is great to have around. It creates a non-stick surface for everything from cakes to casseroles and calorie conscience humans like it because it adds a smidge of oil with minimal impact on your waistline.  The bad news is, traditional cooking sprays aren’t just the oil they claim to be.  They contain a combination of soy lecithin, silicone, propellant, alcohol and/or preservatives….not exactly appetizing.  Depending on how often you’re spritzing, the amount of “chemicals” you ingest is probably minimal.  But, if something better exists, why not use it?!? While traditional cooking sprays still dominate the market, there are healthier alternatives out there.


The non-aerosol oil only sprays are sold under many brands, including (but not limited to) Trader Jose’s (Trader Joe’s), Simply Balanced (Target), Bertolli and Pompeian.  They are available as olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and even grapeseed oil.

Alternatively, there are companies such as Misto and Prepara, who sell oil “misters” that dispense oil in spray form. Or, if you are a budget-conscious DIY’er, you could pour oil into a small spray bottle and spritz away.  BUT, I’m here to talk grocery store products and if you like things packaged and ready to go, these oil only sprays are great.

Where to buy: Conventional grocery stores, health food stores and superstores.

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