Wild Card Wednesday: True Eats Recommendations!!

True Eats RecommendationsHappy Hump Day!!

Lately, I’ve had quite a few people ask me for links to the products and cooking tools I’ve recommended so far SO I dedicate this Wild Card Wednesday post to re-sharing those links, along with the original articles explaining WHY you need these products in your life.

Why am I qualified to make these recommendations?  Check out my About Me page!

(Full disclosure: I am part of the Amazon Associates program so if you purchase anything via my Amazon links, I get a small percentage of the sale. But even if I didn’t, I would still recommend each and every one of the products listed below.)


Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Tomato Paste in a tube

Nielsen Massey’s Vanilla Bean Paste

Ghiradelli Unsweetened Cocoa

Kikkoman Whole Wheat Panko Bread Crumbs

Dellalo Whole Wheat Lasagna noodles

Tonnino Tuna Fillets


That’s It bars

Teriyaki Roasted Seaweed

Calbee Harvest Snaps

Made in Nature Dried Fruit

Peeled Snacks Dried Fruit

Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla Greek yogurt

  • BUY: Available in most grocery, health food and super stores
  • WHY?

Saffron Road Korean BBQ Crunchy Chickpeas

Field Trip Uncured Turkey Jerky


Organic Brown Rice, Rice Medley and Organic Quinoa (frozen)

Toasted Oatmeal Flakes

Unsulfured, unsweetened dried fruit

Whole Grain Crispbread


Global 7″ Chef’s Knife

Magic Bullet Nutribullet



Epicurean Non-Slip Cutting Board

OXO Good Grips Cutting Board

Stainless Steel Bench Scraper

‘Ove’ Glove

Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

Progressive Nut Chopper

OXO Stainless Steel Food Scale

Casabella Cherry Pitter

OXO Pineapple Corer

Chef’s Choice Pro Diamond Knife Sharpener

MinoSharp Ceramic Wheel Water Sharpener Plus

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Edge Sharpener

Charles Viancin Silicon Lids


Make Your Own Dog Treats Kit

Fred & Friends Dinner Winner plate

Fred & Friends Mrs. Food Face plate

Constructive Eating Construction Plate and Utensil Set

R & M Mini Cookie (or fruit and veggie) cutters

Bentgo Kids Bento Lunch Box

Nerdy Nummies Cookbook


Sur la Table Knife Skills class


The (original) Skinnytaste Cookbook

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow

Skinnytaste Meal Planner


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