Supermarket Saturday: Tonnino Tuna Fillets

Tonnino Tuna Fillets
If you like tuna, you HAVE to try Tonnino Tuna Fillets.  The beautiful little fillets inside the jar are wild caught, dolphin safe and low in mercury.  Unlike the chunky bits you find in a can of tuna, Tonnino leaves the fillets intact, giving you a thin slice of tuna that rivals that of fresh.  And since it comes in a jar, you don’t get that metallic taste you often get from canned tuna.

You can get it packed in Spring Water but I prefer it in olive oil.  It comes in flavored varieties such as Lemon and Pepper, Garlic, and Jalapeño.  The flavor is so rich and delicious you can eat it straight from the jar, over a bed of greens, or as a cracker topper.  My favorite way to eat it is in THIS crisp bread recipe or in a sandwich with arugula, red onion and tomatoes.  No mayo necessary.

Where to buy: Health food and gourmet grocery stores.  You can check the Tonnino store locator HERE.  You can also buy a pack of 6 jars on Amazon HERE.

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