Sundays with Samantha: Calbee Harvest Snaps

Calbee Harvest Snaps

If you have children, grandchildren, teach children or have spent any amount of time with a child, you know SNACKS ARE ESSENTIAL.  To a child, an hour without a snack is like days without a meal for a grown human.  And unless you want to have an incredibly whiny, grumpy child, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have snacks on hand.

Yes, it’s a pain and can be costly BUT kids require lots of fuel. They never stop moving and are constantly growing (mentally and physically) so it’s essential they get healthy snacks, most of the time. That way, they get the nutrition they need to grow and thrive.

And it’s far from easy.  Grocery store shelves are overwhelmingly stocked with junk food. I’m constantly on the lookout for decent snacks (beyond fruits and veggies, of course) and Calbee Harvest Snaps fit that bill.

These pea-pod shaped snacks are a long time favorite.  We’ve been a fan since their “Lightly Salted” debut.  We love these snacks because they are crunchy yet airy and light.  They are loaded with flavor yet not spicy or unfamiliar. And we obviously aren’t the only Harvest Snap lovers because recently, the varieties available have exploded.  You can now find them made of black beans and lentils and infused with flavors like Caesar, Onion and Thyme, Habañero, and Wasabi Ranch (plus those shown above).

Yes, they’re delicious.  But nutritionally, these little guys stand out.  No matter the variety, the #1 ingredient is either peas, beans or lentils. Per ounce (22-24 pieces) you get: 120 calories, 6 g (of mostly unsaturated) fat, 2-4 g fiber, 4-5 grams of protein, and 6-9% Daily Value of iron (all of which are naturally occurring).  That’s actually really good for a kids snack.

Lets compare your typical Veggie Straws, for example.  The #1 ingredient is potato starch and potato flour.  For roughly the same amount of calories and fat, you don’t even get a full gram of fiber or protein and only 2% Daily Value of iron. Woh. Woh.

BONUS: Calbee Harvest Snaps are processed in a facility that is free of nuts and gluten and many varieties are dairy free so they are a great choice for kids (or adults) with allergies.

Where to buy: They are often hiding in the produce section of your conventional grocery store or health food store so if you don’t see them, check with your store clerk.  You can also find them at superstores such as Target or Walmart.  And of course, you could order a sampler pack on Amazon HERE.

You can also visit the Calbee Harvest Snaps store locator HERE.




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