Cooking Tip Tuesday: How to properly measure flour

Do you often have a hard time getting your baked goods just right? Being a successful baker takes a lot of practice, plenty of mistakes and an understanding of the science behind it. There are a lot of chemical reactions that have to take place so it’s really important that you be precise (and follow directions).  That’s not to say you can’t be creative.  You just have to be precisely creative ;).

One of the most basic (non-scientific) things I’ve learned along my baking journey is how to properly measure flour.  Up until a few years ago, I would just scoop it with my measuring cup and dump it into the bowl. The problem with this “scoop and dump” method is, you are using the force of your scoop to pack the measuring cup full, thus packing in more flour than necessary. In some recipes, it may not make much of a difference but in many recipes such as cupcakes, cakes or brownies, you will negatively affect the texture of your baked goods. Ohhhh snap!

Never fear.  True Eats is here!

Here ⇓ is proper way to measure 1 cup of flour:

  1. Use a spoon, scoop or smaller measuring cup to scoop the up flourHow to measure flour
  2. Lightly sprinkle it into your designated DRY measuring cup until slightly overfilled

How to measure flour 1
How to measure flour 2
3. Use a knife, back of a measuring spoon or other flat metal utensil to level it off.

How to measure flour 4

Voila! Properly measured flour!

(Wanna be EXTRA precise?  Use a food scale.  Anytime baking recipes include weights, I use them. Cooks Illustrated, the authority of “tested and perfected”, recommends THIS one. Scales are a great investment because they last forever and you can use them for measuring any food (for meal prep, double checking weights for recipes, and more)).

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