Cooking Tool Thursday: Nut Chopper

Progressive Nut Chopper

I love nuts. I add them to salads, baked goods, fish, chicken and more.  They add a fabulous crunch and flavor that can’t be duplicated by a non-nut ingredient. Plus, they add an extra boost of protein and healthy fat to boot.

The tricky part about nuts as an ingredient (as opposed to whole nuts for snacking) is, they can be a pain to chop. Yes, you can buy your nuts pre-chopped but I find they don’t taste as fresh and are less cost effective. And, chopping nuts with a chefs knife is fine, if you don’t mind the possibility of nuts in the eye, all over the floor, or in your windowsill garden.

Enter the Progressive Nut Chopper.

It’s pretty basic, affordable, compact and easy to clean.  Plus, it’s VERY easy to use.  You put the nuts in the top compartment, crank the handle on the side and voila…chopped nuts.  It even has 2 different types of blades inside.  One chops coarsely and the other more fine.  PLUS, the bottom half of the gadget is marked with volume measures, allowing you to easily eyeball your nut volume.  :giggle:

The only nut that you can’t chop with this awesome tool is…me.  I’m too big.

Take my word for it.  You want this. Get it RIGHT HERE.




2 thoughts on “Cooking Tool Thursday: Nut Chopper

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