Sundays with Samantha: Samantha’s Soda

Fruit Juice Soda

We are big bubbly water (seltzer and club soda) drinkers in our house so it was only a matter of time that Samantha started creating her own “fancy” drinks. AND, she gets SO excited to prepare her sodas for friends when they come over for dinner.

They really AREN’T anything fancy.  They are simple to make and contain only unsweetened, unflavored bubbly water and 100% juice.  The ratio of bubbly water to juice is 3:1. Add a few cubes of ice and stir.  Feel free to add fruit for garnish or a twisty straw for extra pizzazz. Serve them in a fancy glass or a (child-safe) plastic cup.

Bonus: The kids feel fancy and drink much less juice (which is a good thing).

P.s. These aren’t just for kids.  Kids and adults alike are big fans. Cheers!


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