Cooking Tip Tuesday: Rest your meat

resting meat doodle

You’ve probably heard, “let your meat rest” before slicing but, do you actually do it?  It’s hard when you’re hungry and that juicy piece of meat is calling to you, “Eat me!  Eat me nowwww!”.  OK, maybe meat doesn’t talk BUT, if it could, it would cry, “Let me rest.  Just for 10 minutes.  You can do it”.

Have you ever wondered why?

When your food is cold, the muscle fibers are relaxed. Take a steak, for example. When you throw it on the heat, the muscle fibers tense up.  You’ll loose some moisture in the cooking process but when the meat is cooked, if you let it rest, the moisture slowly infuses evenly back into the meat, giving you a more juicy, tender, flavorful piece.

Alternatively, if you slice it right after it comes off the heat, all the moisture is still concentrated in the middle of the meat, leaving you with a pool of juice on your cutting board.  Sad :(.

There’s a lot of science behind it and if you want to read a great, in depth article about it, check out this article by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt from The Food Lab.

And please, for the love of all things juicy, let your meat rest.

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