Sundays with Samantha: Bento Box

Bentgo Bento Box 1For a long time, my kids lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of fruit for lunch.  I was astonished they could eat the Same. Thing. Every. Day. But, they didn’t seem to mind and frankly, I didn’t either.  But eventually, they went off to school where nuts are not allowed so I was forced to be a bit more creative.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have an occasional pb & j on the weekend or a turkey sandwich, but my daughter (who is almost 8) is OVER IT.  She got so bored with her lunch she just stopped eating it.  And, that is not cool.
SO, I stepped out of my sandwich comfort zone and thought…I’m gonna try something new.  Enter the Bento box .  For those unfamiliar, a Bento box is small box that contains separate little compartments, perfect for small portions of various things.  We have THIS one (see pic) and love it! No spills, leaks and it’s easy to clean.

(Just FYI: if you need to keep your kiddos lunch cold, you will need to buy thin ice packs like these or these and fit them in your average zipper rectangular lunch bag.)

I digress.

The Bento boxes I make are very simple and not at all fancy but feel free to be Pinterest-y with them if you dare.  You can make cute shapes with these.  Or include a yummy salad like this.

I was going to create combinations for you but then I realized, there are so many options, kids are so picky and many have food allergies, so instead, I’ll provide you with a guideline to pick and choose what works for your kids.  Feel free to combine the categories into one main dish like a pasta, sandwich, salad or soup.  But if you just want to fill the slots with healthy options, that works too.

Here you go:

Pick 1 Pick 1 Pick 1 Pick 2
Protein Grains (100% or mostly whole grain) Dairy Fruit/Veggies
Uncured lunch meat Crackers Cheese (sticks, cubes, shreds, etc.) Pineapple         Melon
Cooked chicken Bread Yogurt or drinkable yogurt Berries           Cherries
Turkey/Beef Jerky Pita, tortilla, or naan Dips (made with yogurt and/or milk) Apple            Avocado
Egg Muffin Low Fat or Skim Milk Grapes             Kiwi
Tuna Granola bar Pear               Mango
Smoked salmon Noodles Nectarines      Peaches
Vegetarian protein Rice Plums            Orange
Edamame Oatmeal Tomato          Bell Pepper
Nuts or nut butter Cereal Banana           Celery
Seeds or seed butter Carrots        Snap Peas
Hummus Cucumber       Peas
Beans or bean spread Cabbage     Leafy Greens
Lentils Cauliflower     Broccoli

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