Cooking Tool Thursday: Bench Scraper

The name “bench scraper” sounds like a painful new-age exercise.  Don’t fret…it’s actually a wonderfully useful kitchen tool.  A bench scraper is a metal or plastic rectangular tool designed to scrape your bench (a.k.a, your work space).  It is used a lot in baking to scrape up and cut dough or clean up excess flour.  But, my favorite use for a bench scraper: scooping up chopped veggies, herbs, etc. to transfer them to their pot or pan.

For example, the large counter space in my kitchen is across the way from my stove.  Life before my bench scraper was spent scooping stuff up with my hands, clenching my fingers tightly together while my dog eagerly awaits the pieces I drop (except green beans…he HATES green beans).  Or awkwardly carrying my cutting board to the stove, trying not to scrape in the peels or ends that inevitably end up stuck to my board.

Which one should YOU get?  Mine looks like THIS (as seen in pic).  I think it’s awesome because it is sturdy, easy to clean, and it’s got a great edge.  My favorite part, though, is the ruler on the side which I often use it to make sure my dice is just right or measure my baking pan or skillet to make sure they are the size I need.

So, the next time you clumsily transfer ingredients across the kitchen, stop. Put down your knife and CLICK HERE to get your very own bench scraper.

Come here little onions…

Bench Scraper

There you go.

Bench Scraper 2

3 thoughts on “Cooking Tool Thursday: Bench Scraper

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