Supermarket Saturday: Trader Joe’s Frozen Rice and Quinoa

Trader Joe's Frozen Rice

Trader Joe’s (frozen) Organic Brown Rice, Rice Medley and Organic Quinoa are rice, I mean life, savers.  I ALWAYS have a box of one or all of the above varieties in my freezer.  I love them because they are all 100% whole grain (fiber√, antioxidants√, vitamins/minerals√), they come in a convenient little microwaveable pouch AND they each cook in about 3 minutes. (Alternatively, if you are not a fan of microwaving in plastic, you can transfer them to a microwave safe dish or heat them up on the stove). And say goodbye to mushy rice because these babies cook up perfectly fluffy every. Single. Time.

You know what else is awesome about these humble beauties? All 3 varieties are  unseasoned which means you can add your own seasoning, mix in a little salted butter or use them to sop up your main-dish sauce. And speaking of main dishes…with Trader Joe’s rice just a freezer away, you can focus your attention on your main dish, which saves you time and energy. Hallelujah!

Where to buy: Trader Joe’s.

Note: Not sure where your closest Trader Joe’s is?  Click here to check their store locator. If you don’t have Trader Joe’s nearby, I have seen other brands like Vons/Safeway O Organics and PF Changs that make similar products.  I personally haven’t tried them but they are worth a try if it’s all you’ve got.

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