Cooking Tool Thursday: Scanpan

ScanpanArguably the most important kitchen tool, besides a good knife, are your pans.  There are SO many brands, sizes and types available that even a seasoned cook can get overwhelmed shopping for a new pan.  And while sometimes stainless steel or cast iron are the best type of pan for certain jobs (i.e. searing meat or pan roasting), I found a set of pans that can do those jobs and more, very well. Enter Scanpan.

What’s so great about these pans??  Check it:

  • They are non-stick.  Not the “non-stick” that wears off, stops working and ends up in your food.  Scanpan’s non-stick surface is amazingly durable, sustainable, AND has a lifetime guarantee.
  • They are made of 100% recycled aluminum and the coating is free of the creepy chemicals that some say can cause cancer.
  • They are SO easy to clean.  Seriously, no matter how greasy or how caked on your cooking remnants, it takes only a few swipes to get them clean.
  • If you are feeling particularly lackadaisical, they are good-to-go in the dishwasher.
  • Even though they are non-stick, you can still sear and brown like a champ.
  • Unlike most other non-stick pans, you can use metal utensils AND put them in the oven.

It was pretty recently I learned about this brand of cookware.  Until then, I struggled with crappy NON non-stick coatings and pan scrubbing sessions.  Life after Scanpan is a breeze.  I seriously enjoy cooking more because of them.

So, where should you start and where can you get them?  Pick and choose which size pan is right for you.  If you ask me, I say go for at least a large (10-12″) skillet, a small skillet (8″) and a medium sauce pot.  You can get a 2-piece skillet set on Amazon here and a 3-quart sauce pot here. You can also find them at high-end cooking stores like Sur la Table or William Sonoma.

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