Side Note: Technical difficulties & Amazon Associates

Hello again!  First and foremost,  I would like to apologize to anyone who experienced issues with random links embedded in my post today. As I mentioned last week, I am new to the blogging world and will probably experience some issues (namely technical) as I get things rolling. The links are now fixed so please feel free to go back to my site to re-read today’s post about salt. It’s a good one ;).

Secondly, the technical issues happened today because I am a new member of the Amazon Associate program (and incorporating it into my site).  Being an Amazon Associate gives me the ability to give you unique links (shown in red text) to products that I recommend. I 100% believe in the products I recommend and want to make it as easy as possible for you to get them.  And full disclosure: when you purchase an item via a link on my site, Amazon shares a small percentage of the profit with me.

I’ve done this for a few reasons:

1. I understand that not everyone has access to a well stocked grocery or cooking store so by adding a link to Amazon, you won’t have to search high and low for products I recommend.  I’ve done it for you :).

2. I love Amazon.  I use Amazon ALL the time for everything from baking supplies to shoes. They have great customer service, amazing deals and now-a-days, if you are a “Prime” member, you can get almost anything in 1-2 days. Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime!  It’s awesome.

3. I want my site to be as user friendly as possible which, to me, means no pop-up ads. And while making money is not the purpose of my blog, it would be nice to earn a little income recommending products I believe in.

THANKS again for your continued patience and support!!





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