Supermarket Saturday: Tubular Tomato Paste

Cento Tube Tomato Paste
If you make chili, soup, or stew, braised meat, marinara or other tomato based dishes, you’ll have noticed that most recipes call for the tiniest amount of tomato paste. And because it’s not safe to store the open can in the fridge, you have to transfer the leftover to a teeny tiny Tupperware container which inevitably gets lost in your fridge for weeks.

Not any more! Tomato paste in a tube to the rescue!

I love it because it tastes fresher and less metallic than canned varieties. It’s also “double concentrated” which means it’s got a richer tomato flavor than your average canned paste. And the best part…you can use a little and store the cute little tube right in your refrigerator door for next time.

Where to buy: You’ll find it at traditional grocery stores and/or health food stores. It tends to be on the very top shelf of the canned tomato aisle under brand names like Cento or Amore. If you can’t find it, you can get it on Amazon here.

3 thoughts on “Supermarket Saturday: Tubular Tomato Paste

  1. Kristie

    Love the tip about the tomato paste.. I always seem to add extra b/c I don’t like to waist and my dish turns out too “tomatoey” (if that’s a word) or I store it and find it 2 months later just the way I left it with the plastic and rubber band attached along with some new moldy friends. wah wah!

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