Welcome to True Eats!


Hello and welcome to True Eats!  My site is designed to inspire YOU to learn more about food, try new things, spend more time cooking, and help YOU make smarter food choices. True Eats goes beyond providing recipes because while that is a great start, it’s only a piece of the puzzle. I will provide you with cooking tips and tools that will make cooking easier, more enjoyable and successful. You’ll get kid-focused articles and recipes to encourage kids to eat healthier and be more flexible.  And last but not least, I will post product recommendations and food related articles aimed to inspire you to go beyond your usual routine. To keep things on track, I’ve created weekday themes to ensure you get a variety of useful, interesting information.  Check it out:

Meme Mondays: Food (or exercise) related memes to make you ponder, laugh and share.

Cooking Tip Tuesdays: Tips and tricks that will make cooking easier, more efficient and improve your over-all skills in the kitchen.

Wild Card Wednesdays: Wednesday is a free-for-all.  One day you may get a link to an interesting food related article and another day may be an article, written by yours truly, about how to improve your diet with little to no effort.

Cooking Tool Thursdays: Featuring cooking tools, gadgets and food related swag, Thursdays will showcase must-have products for anyone who eats.  That’s you.

Favorite Recipe Fridays: Fridays will be dedicated to my favorite recipes. Some will be my original creations and some will be tried and true recipes I love.  I will tell you why these recipes rock and give you any tips I have to ensure your success.  You’ll also get serving suggestions to make menu planning easy.

Shopping List Saturday: Saturdays will feature supermarket products that deserve a spot in your basket.  These are stand-out products you may not know about.  I will tell you why they go above and beyond, where to buy them,  and why they’re a step up from the rest.

Sunday’s With Samantha: My daughter Samantha has developed into quite the little foodie.  She loves helping me in the kitchen and has great food sense.  She’s also a 7 year old kid, which means she can be picky and make mealtimes difficult.  So, I’ve devoted Sundays to kid food issues like HOW to get kids to eat healthier, kid-friendly recipes, and snack ideas beyond goldfish crackers.

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